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26 December 2013 @ 12:00 am
This journal is now friends only :D  

110527 2:58AM

hello, my name is michelle.i am currently 19 years old, living in NJ, attending university, and majoring in linguistics; if you're wondering i speak english, spanish, french, and korean. not fluently, of course, but i'm getting there. i don't know why i decided to update this post right now, seeing as i never get friend requests, and at this ungodly time of day, but what the hell.

i like to read. i'm really into "classics" but i'll read anything that piques my interest. i like to read fanfic. and yes, i like slash fic. if you don't and can't respect that, then gtfo, i don't need to hear it.

my main fandoms are harry potter and dbsk, whether as 5 or 3 or however, i will support these boys until the end, just as i have stuck by harry until the very end. and yes, i'm junsu biased.

i like a variety of things; i get obsessive very quickly. so if you introduce me to something... i'm bound to check it out more in depth and i'll probably end up liking it.

i'm quite shy so i'm sorry if i don't speak..."type" a lot. and i usually take my time speaking so online i take forever to think of what to say.

mmmkay. i'm done, i think. ciao ciao ♥

120819 edit: I'm going to add in futbol/football/soccer fandom (: (real madrid, chelsea, spain nt, colombia nt, and certain players)
121013 edit: i also forgot to add i'm 20 now.
130506 edit: I am SO into Supernatural and I have fallen in love with Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles makes me tremble. THE SPN FAMILY MAKES ME HAPPY. I am also 21 (woot).
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